whew. one revalida subject down, four more to go.

i was drained today, what with the oral exams starting at 10 this morning and i only had 4 hours of sleep last night. i was so sleepy after lunch time. ton, like me, was depressed about how our performance was, and she suggested that we watch a movie at sm manila. czar recommended "magnifico", which he's already seen. basically it's about this kind-hearted little boy from a poor family who went on a mission to make her sick grandma a coffin out of scrap wood, with the help of his best buddy. unfortunately, he predeceased his grandma, so he was actually working and earning money for his own funeral after all. i swear i could hear someone sniffing behind me, perhaps just a cold, but also perhaps because of tears. haha.


my expenses for today:

korean beef barbecue with lemonade at kimchi for lunch :about P80
movie at sm manila: P60
pasta carbonara with sprite at esquinita: P80


i've been meaning to paste this here...

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