today in court: was late...got stuck in traffic in marikina. court was already in session when i got there...i arrived at quarter to nine. hearings usually start at 830am. this was my first time to watch pre-trial proceedings. i never thought the process of stipulating facts between parties can amount to near insults. the judge had to bang her gavel to stop the 2 lawyers from further making side remarks against each other. in this other case, the lawyer for the plaintiff was making a wrong argument. he insisted that "a married woman cannot contract without the consent of her husband." i wonder if he's aware of the family code. the judge was obviously amused. watching all these is very interesting and educational.

today in school: it's ash wednesday. we had imposition of ashes right in our lobby. oh, i ate wendy's macaroni side salad for lunch and fried eggplant for dinner. my friend princess noted, what about vegetarians? what's the significance of ash wednesday for them?
still no sign nor shadow of our taxation professor. we haven't seen him since our prelim exams. hmmm...how about applying for a writ of habeas corpus? heheh.

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