today i left my celfone at home because i woke up a bit late and i was in a hurry to get to court by 8am. thankfully i made it there at 8:15am.

today in court: i sat beside the assistant to the clerk of court and got to observe how cases were read out loud while the court is in session. funny incident was how this other lawyer failed to enter his appearance when he was actually just outside the courtroom. court was adjourned by the time he did enter. personally i think he should have waited INSIDE the courtroom.
i also got to meet my grandfather who's a judge there in another branch for the first time. got to eat free lunch too.

today in school:the gamma delta epsilon fraternity fed our class some cake and sapin-sapin in celebration of their 54th anniversary. since it was chinese new year today, some chinese students in the campus were wearing red.

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