arrgh..my connection's gone bonkers again...now the continuity of my daily posts has been disrupted.

anyway, valentine's day in court was interesting, as i got to witness a civil wedding for the first time...3 of them in a row actually. and the 1st couple was truly odd--it was a 65-year-old man and a 27-year old woman! the judge was candid in interviewing them before the ceremony..making them understand the concept of marriage and what to expect. when she told them to kiss, the woman kissed the man on the cheek, to which the judge commented that it seemed more like just a (grand)fatherly kiss, so they kissed again! haha. oh man, and he said it was his first ever marriage! talk about late bloomers! i do hope their love is sincere, and not motivated by other reasons.

then the judge treated us to lunch at krung thai restaurant nearby...there was seafood rice, bagoong rice which had tasty green mango strips, fried chicken which is eaten with their sweet chili sauce...beef and broccoli, and this soup which tasted like sinigang, only hotter! got another free lunch! whee! the judge revealed that she reads harry potter. wow!

in school everything was red and flowery. my friend karen gave me this gift and brod george was kind and thoughtful to have given his sisses white roses. then right after class, my friends decided to eat something...and i dunno what came over me when i paid for our shawarmas...i overdid the hot sauce so i was in tears when i finished it...but the vegetables and cheese stick in it were great.

a day of gluttony after a day of fasting. heheh.

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