Foot LOSE!

My injured foot wrapped in gauze for cushion. Self-applied.

A day after I danced my heart and hips out for my father's 60th birthday party, my bare foot landed on a belt buckle on the floor at home, right smack in the middle.The pointy thing was sticking upward, like it was just patiently waiting for that freak accident to happen, and it did.

The darned metal penetrated my skin. It meant having to get a tetanus shot, and two days later my shoulder still hurts from the vaccine; meanwhile, I'm limping at work and propping my leg up on the recycling bin in the office. It's not the sexiest sight.

What's sexy, then? A smile that's meant for you. Because really, it starts with a smile. Hello only comes second. The rest is Cheese-tory.

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Kayni said...

that must have hurt but glad you're still working. yup, those tetanus shots are quite painful. i got my flu shot and my shoulder hurts and itches :(.

Kate said...

OUCH! :( Hope you are feeling better. Btw, I love your shoes!

Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better soon! well at least you had fun dancing!

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