Ice Cream Cupcakes!


It's the First Day of Summer! And one of the sweet treats that can beat the heat is ice cream! But wait! These are "imposter" ice cream!

Baking cupcakes directly onto ice cream cups was a first for me. But this was actually my second "commissioned" cupcake creation by the same client who happens to be a family friend. It's for her kid's End-of-School Party. I hope they enjoy eating them!


What's so cool about ice cream cupcakes is that it won't melt, you can basically have your cupcake and eat your ice cream cone, too; and there's nothing to toss afterwards, making it mess-free! What happens to your mouth and face while eating it is completely a different story, though.


The downside: placing them in trays and keeping them upright! Extra challenge: delivering them to client with zero to minimal  damage! I cut holes through a cardboard which thankfully already had round markings from its being a carton for canned goods, I believe. Then I carefully placed each ice cream cupcake, all twelve of them, in the tray.

I gotta get some new HP ink cartridges to print some of my baking achievements for posterity!

4 vandalized my wall:

Princess Ody said...

wow, these cupcakes look seriously summer yummy! :) you're a pro!

Photo Cache said...

where can i get this? this looks like a sinful treat that i would like to indulge in.

Kayni said...

oh my, i want one. no, i want two...lol.

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, everyone!

ody: i still consider myself an amateur...not a pro! but am eventually getting there! :)

photo cache: they're all gone, unfortunately, they came from my humble kitchen. happy to report that the kids thought they were a "spectacular hit!" :)

kayni: remind me to bake you something when we meet in the future! :)

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