The Next Big Designer

Post contributed by Alfredo Gaines

One of the most watched shows is Project Runway. If you have any interest in fashion design, this is one you need to watch. You will find yourself getting so involved with these new designers and the creations they come up with, all with the desire to become the next big fashion designer. I have to say some of these are pretty far out, but originality is what the judges are looking for. Heidi Klum is one of the judges and does a good job of evaluating the outfits that stroll down the runway. As I sit in front of my satellite tv and decide which I like the best, I'm amazed at the way these designers can come up with such fashions in the time they have and with the material they have to use. I must say I don't always agree with the judges decision and can get very upset when they criticize the ones I like, but it is a good show for an evenings entertainment. It runs every week and you lose a designer every week, so you must watch the whole season to see who will finally become the next big designer. It's a fun show if you enjoy fashion design.

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