Christening Couture

My baby niece was recently christened, and of course, our family was all hyper-busy with the party preparations and make-shift accommodation our home provided for our guests from Chicago and Canada. As is the norm in Filipino christenings, my niece had more than a pair of godparents. She had a total of six godparents!

One of her godmothers ("Madrina" in Spanish, as my niece is half-Puerto Rican) gave her this cherubic Christening gown. If you look closely, there is an embroidered detail of Our Lady of Guadalupe on it. Isn't it just immaculate on her? And also, aren't her eyelashes just stunningly long?

Her gifts yielded a huge lot of gorgeous baby clothes enough to keep her fashionably up-to-date all summer long. We can't wait to get her in those stylish summer dresses that would let her drink in the sunshine more, as she's been mostly indoors because of winter. And let's not forget the beach!

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Kayni said...

the embroidery on her dress is beautiful. i don't think i was dressed fashionably during my christening. i had two godparents and the other one didn't even remember being one...lol.

fortuitous faery said...

What really matters is the ceremony itself, not so much the extravagance of the outfit or the party.

I had the pleasure of going to Florida for the first time, and at Disney World & Universal Studios to boot, with my godmother a few years ago.

gingmaganda said...

that is a fantastic dress! i love the lady of guadalupe! she's the patron saint of colonized countries and photographers :)

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