Tips For A Great New Year By H&M

I have kept this page from an H&M magazine (I tend to hoard store catalogs) last year because of the insightful tips for a Happy New Year. Although this was intended for 2010, I found that the tips are timeless, so  I share them now with you. Please browse the list! (Click on image for larger view)

Here's my take on some of the items:

1. I did fall in love, still do, and I know it's for life: with my baby niece who was born this year!
2. I did learn to bake! Fudge brownies and German Chocolate cake, just to name a few!
4. I actually danced for a fundraiser back in April, in a Caribbean costume to a Mambo tune. I also watched "Dancing With the Stars" a lot and rooted for Evan Lysacek and Brandy, who both didn't land the top spot but both performed incredibly. I also line-danced with all my heart and body fat whenever I could.
5. This advice sounds like the quote from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" which I enjoyed watching on Halloween! Tim Curry was deviously divalicious!
6. I do try as much as possible to take advantage of Free Movie Tuesdays, a privilege from our cable provider. The best time to watch movies is before 5PM when the crowd isn't so big. Last movie I watched for free was "Burlesque."
7. I tweet them more or Facebook them.
8. I took that risk twice this year and failed. Still.
9. I sent a lot of Postcrossing postcards this year...and postcards to friends. I hope to write more next year. Postage stamps budget be willing.
11. I went to a summer picnic the day that my sister went to labor. I brought some picnic leftovers at the hospital while we waited in her unit.
12. I flew a kite in Boracay and in Capiz. It wasn't that windy in Boracay, but my Spongebob kite really soared in Capiz! I also realized it was my first time to fly a kite ever! Kite: $1, Happy Juice extracted from the experience: Priceless!
 (See my Spongebob kite in action over the ricefield!)

13. I almost bought a new laptop on Black Friday to be able to download a lot more songs. So much for being able to give  HP laptop reviews.
15. I think my favorite songs were from Katy Perry (that I bought her cotton candy-scented new album) and "Like a G6" by Far East Movement. And "Airplanes" by BOB featuring Paramore!
20. I drove long distances a lot more this year! So yay!
21. Perhaps the single healthiest thing I'm imbibing all year is tea.
23. I pick them from our garden according to what the seasons bring. That's cheaper.
25. I try! Right now, I'm trying to be very kind to my laundry by finishing it before New Year! So help me, Detergent Deities!

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