Tee-rrific Time

I have no talent for golf, even mini-golf, for I have never tried it. When my family drove to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina last year, we saw that it wasn't just the beach or the mouth-watering Calabash seafood buffet that people went there for, but also for the golf--some of which were on seaside golf courses. Myrtle Beach is a place where you can soak in the sun, sand, surf...and score a hole in one.

If you happen to be in Myrtle Beach and are in the mood for serious tee times, there are different golfing courses to choose from in the area. No need to worry if you didn't book a suitable venue ahead of time, because www.48hourteetimes.com is a website which takes care of things for you within 48 hours (as per their promise) and offer great discounts for your golfing venue of choice with prices that vary according to the time of day you wish to play.

48 hour tee times is like the online "roaming gnome" of the Myrtle Beach golfosphere! Amazing!

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