What Not To Wear (In Church)


Depending on a Catholic's cultural background, the dress code for church attendance may vary. I was amused to see this poster at the Our Lady of Good Voyage Shrine in Antipolo City.

Laws like the Louisiana Jones Act dictate what ought to be and what not ought to be, while church laws may require proper attire and even the proper way of receiving Holy Communion.

In my neighborhood parish in New Jersey, people wear tanktops and shorts especially during summertime. The priests don't mind. I'm sure God doesn't mind either, as long as your outfit doesn't border on lewdness and your intentions are pure.

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witsandnuts said...

When I was in gradeschool, our catechism teacher used to tell us that we shall not go in the church in pants and without sleeves (and belo). Well, that was ages ago.

gingmaganda said...

i still prefer going to church in somewhat like the proper dress code stated in that sign. =) to me church is like the workplace so i dress accordingly with respect. i don't like it when people go to church in shorts, it drives me bonkers! ang laki naman ng sala nila, haha!

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