Pass the Pysanky

This is a postcard I got from Ukraine through Postcrossing. The pillars of pastries are surrounded by elegantly decorated "Pysanky" (plural for "Pysanka") or Ukrainian easter eggs. "Pysanka" is a term which refers to any egg decorated using the "written-wax batik method."

Pysanky actually have pagan roots back in ancient Ukraine, when the people worshipped a sun god. The pagans revered eggs as having magical powers because they hatch birds which are the only earthly creatures able to soar in the heavens close to the gods. Thus began the practice of beautifying the sacred eggs, regarding them as the source of life. When Christianity reached Ukraine, the pysanky have become associated with the religious beliefs brought by the Easter holiday.

I have never seen an actual pysanka! They're so pretty I think they should be kept as a year-round home accent!

Speaking of eggs, my favorite edible chocolate eggs come Easter time are the Cadbury mini-eggs. I've already devoured two big bags before Holy Week started, and now I'm completely denying myself of chocolate till Easter Sunday. It's only two days away. Now it's all fish and veggies and maybe a little mix of diet supplements to complete the religious routine, which really should be more regular rather than seasonal.

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Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

the large ones in the back look a little like the panettone of Milano (Italy). The panettone is a Christmas cake, but at Easter we have the colomba, which is a lower cake shaped like a dove.
Evelyn in Montreal

Vivianapachecofineart said...

My wonderful friend Lana is Ukranian, they had lots of Easter Eggs as decor, year round, I'm pleased to tell you. I think they are beautiful works of art and not one looks like the other. Ukranian Easter is wonderful too, I never ate so many good foods as I did at her house during Holy Week, I specially loved having perogies every time I went to her house. Thanks for sharing and bringign back memories of my childhood in Northern Manitoba.

Beth Niquette said...

That looks really tasty! I enjoyed reading about it.

Happy PFF!

Joy said...

Yes mini eggs are rather moreish but not as beautiful as the ones on the card.

Terry said...

Happy PFF to you and Easter blessings of joy as well.
I am so glad you shared this information with us today.
Those eggs are truly amazing works of art.
May you enjoy your Easter weekend .
Wishing you all the very best .
Happy Trails

Aimee said...

Those eggs are beautiful! Have a happy easter!

Mary said...

Beautiful and interesting postcard. My personal favorite eggs are the See's Candy egg shaped bordeauxs. I hope my mother-in-law gives me one on Sunday!

Irene said...

It's Holy Saturday tomorrow traditionally my mother would do her easter egg decorating, as we are Polish the spelling of Pisanki is a little different than the Ukrainian. And the method my mother used was quite radical and dangerous. It's a wonder she didn't burn down the house. Yet I only have a few of her creations left. My boys and I did them on Easter week as well, except that they always gave theirs away. I do the the real way. (I can't reach the smoke detector) and my way is more relaxing. We aren't very good but we get to spend time together. Which is great. Boy I really had a lot to say. Great post thank you.

Paul van Yperen said...

Happy PFF. Long ago we used to have chicken and to our surprise just before easter they started to produce more eggs than ever. No kidding. Was it a coincidence? Or is early April the best time of the year for chicken to lay eggs, and is this another reason for easter to be an egg party?

viridian said...

Happy PFF, a day late!

Clytie said...

Happy PFF!

I love these eggs - they are indeed works of art. What a special card you have!

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