"Green" Giftbox

"Green" Giftbox
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The box is red, but everything about it is green! The box used to hold earrings, the red twine used to hold a box of Chinatown siopao, & the fabric tag was part of the size label on my jeans. Now it holds a tie! Money-saving gift package solution!

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Kayni said...

i love recycling stuff from papers to strings =). that box is lovely and green is great.

ms firefly said...

yay for green packaging!

hop over to fireflytown to see who's a very lucky girl with my giveaway! ^-^

yes i've received your package, and i have a blog post for it to show off! sked is real crazy these days, but i'll get to it. ^-^
i love you. so. much. thanks for always thinking of me!

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