"Wild Things," You Make My Heart Sing!

Actually, "Where The Wild Things Are" made me cry at the end. I do hate goodbyes. It's a little surreal how I can relate to the conflict between the monsters Carol and KW. Who thought life can be just as complicated in their world? A misunderstanding of wants. Carol just wants them all to be together, KW just likes to hang out with her two owl friends.

Sometimes, all we need is a "wild rumpus" time. But even that can't solve everything.

So even if I've never read the book by Maurice Sendak, I understand now that Max is wearing a wolf costume. However, I noticed in the movie that Emil referred to him as "just a boy pretending to be a fox pretending to be a king."

Here's my doodle of Max in purple ink. Looks like he needs a "wild rumpus" time right about now!

2 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

i also need a wild rumpus time right now...lol. i'm flooded at work.

ms firefly said...

it will be shown here on december pa. :( me wants to drag kj with me to watch it...

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