Chicago Bears' Pink Primate

pink monkey

I didn't expect to bring home a monkey from Chicago...a pink one at that, which matched my pink suitcase. My cousin got it for me as a souvenir/birthday gift. It's actually an official NFL product featuring the Chicago Bears logo. It's pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I presume that proceeds of the sale of this stuffed toy would go to the breast cancer research fund.

The reason she chose this for me was that when we went to a family party last Sunday, a football game was on, beamed on high-definition : Seattle vs. Chicago. The Chicago Bears won. She wanted me to remember that, hence this pink monkey.

Football aside, I felt a little sad that Chicago didn't get chosen as the host city for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Rio de Janeiro got the golden ticket, instead. We have so many relatives near the Windy City who could readily accommodate us then.

I wonder where I'll be in 2016. Will I be in some establishment somewhere, hoping for it to have Direct TV Business for full Olympic coverage? What would television be like then? Paper-thin? What if Directv Business would already be available straight to anyone's gadget, like a sort of Pay-Per-View app on your iPhone, for instance?

Or what if people went inside coffee shops and can actually receive Commercial Direct TV "signals" on their wireless devices, the same way that people can use Wi-Fi hotspots? Doesn't that sound like a possible technological evolution for people with Direct TV for Business?

The future may be sooner than we think.

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witsandnuts said...

Pretty! I think that will match my pink suitcase, too. =) Btw, I liked the changes in your layout esp. the pix on the (upper) left sidebar.

fortuitous faery said...

hurray for pink suitcases! hehe.

thanks for noticing the template revamp! i also turned that geese photo into a postcard for postcrossing before. that lake is close to our house. :)

ms firefly said...

ohh he's a cutie! what's his name?

did you know i also have a monkey? he's called Aap (monkey in dutch, hehe), and he's a jetsetter. he has travelled with me EVERYWHERE since 2006, and he hates to be in the checked-in luggage, he always sits in the cabin with me. ^-^

fortuitous faery said...

ms firefly: i didn't think of a name yet! i'll do that, though!

wow, so your traveling toy is actually a stuffed monkey! i thought miss iggy was your first. :P

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