Videoke Venue

Whenever there's a family gathering or Filipino party at any of our friends' houses, I'm usually at the videoke area. It's usually in the living room.

This photo is from my cousin's birthday party last March, and we like to exercise our larynxes after all the food consumption by singing. The venue is the family room.

These folks are our family friends: Tito Dominic, Christine (who's camera-shy when singing), and John.

When we have guests over at our house, the videoke venue is in our basement's entertainment room, where all the wailing and gnashing of throats happen.

I'm sharing my "favorite space" to join Caryn's Birthday Giveaway which ends on July 22nd. What's your favorite space?

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Wil said...

I haven't seen a videoke machine with dual microphones. For duets, I assume. Cool. :D

plaridel said...

hahaha! after a couple of beer, i can sing, too.

(you've made a lot of nice changes in your blog since i last visited. will be back in a couple of days to read the entries i haven't read.)

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I'm not a fan of videoke but my favorite nook at my pad has got to be where my computer is - the living room.

witsandnuts said...

I'm not so much into videoke but my family is. As in nung kakaintroduced pa lang ng Magic Sing, bili agad. Haha. Is that you in the pic? Email me the one with uncovered face! =)

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