Look What The Cat Dragged In

My cat, Siomai, was startled to see this strange box land in our front door this morning courtesy of the very purple Fedex guy. It had traveled all the way from City of Industry, California.

Then she remembered that her mommy won a Banker's Lamp from LittleMsFirefly's blog giveaway which celebrates her one-year anniversary in Ireland this month! It's a little bit funny, because she had won a blog giveaway I had hosted for Miss Igorota's blogoversary earlier on. It's like our stars decided that we should exchange gifts!

It didn't come with a bulb, but not to worry, because we had extra bulbs handy. I plugged one into the socket.

It's a gorgeous desk lamp! It reminded me of the vintage-looking lamps inside the New York Public Library's grand reading room. It also reminded me that I should "bank" on friendship because friends light up our lives!

♥Thank you, Odette and KJ!♥

4 vandalized my wall:

ms firefly said...

wow, they're pretty quick indeed! ^-^
i'm glad you love it, and very funny pics, kj and i were giggling over siomai. :D

Anonymous said...

Ang laki na ni siomai ano? .....
Haha nadedma yung lamp. Joke ... maganda yung lamp pramis.

Toni said...

Oh wow that's an awesome lamp! Congratulations again!

witsandnuts said...

Nice lamp! Oo nga, parang exchange gift no? =)

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