An RV is your official vehicle for R&R

My recent road trip to Florida was memorable, not only because I got to conquer my fear of driving on the interstate highway (rush-hour traffic in downtown Jacksonville was simply horrific, though!), but also because I got to experience all four theme parks at Walt Disney World—with the only dismal part of the trip being my loss of a camera at Universal Studios Orlando. Photos are the cheapest and most precious souvenirs you can ever have from any vacation/event!

We had stayed at a time-share resort in Kissimmee, only minutes away from the theme parks. On our way to Florida, we did pass by some campgrounds for families who prefer RV camping. Imagine traveling and living in your own camp-ready vehicle! How thrilling it must be to go cross-country driving in an RV, not having to pay for hotel stays. I think I see myself doing this in the future, especially since I've gotten the hang of being guided by GPS on the road.

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Sidney said...

On the road again !
Driving can be fun !

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