it's 4am i must be lonely

i learned about the "4am project" through a tweet by lomo lass finickyme. i just uploaded this photo to flickr and tagged it with "4amproject" like their website instructed, so hopefully it shows up on their photo gallery.

this is a view of the rest stop somewhere in south jersey at 4am on april 8th, when we were driving to south carolina. we had left home at 2am, and we had to stop for a quick nap before hitting the road again. i took this photo from our car before i dozed off into lala-land...and just as luck would have it, it was 4am.

3 vandalized my wall:

Mia said...

great shot =) it looks so peaceful. I haven't taken my 4AM shot yet hehe

Sidney said...

Cool night shot!

Thank you for the link to the photo contest... alas I will be in the Kalinga&Ifugao Provinces during the Aliwan fiesta... maybe next year!

fortuitous faery said...

mia: thanks! the major challenge is being up at 4am! haha.

sidney: aaaw, it's a shame you won't be there...i'd be rooting for your entries. but hey, you're going on a northern adventure, that's great! :)

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