mourning for "the man from manila"

mourning for the man

on march 6th, the philippines lost a very important entertainment icon: francis magalona. he was 44.

he was known as "the king of pinoy rap" (and deservingly so) for having emerged into the mainstream with his innovative rap music with lyrics that promoted patriotism, for being proud of one's filipino heritage and brown skin ("bilib ako sa kulay ko, ako ay pilipino"--from the song "mga kababayan" or "my countrymen").

but he was so much more than that. he was a loving husband, a father, an actor, a director, a photographer, an artist, an entrepreneur, an MTV asia VJ, and a good friend to many in his chosen industry. for many filipinos who grew up with his thought-provoking songs (and not just the rap ones), the news of his death is too surreal to accept as true.

he lost his "happy battle" to leukemia, but he never lost an iota of faith or optimism during his final moments, as he himself documented in his blog. the "master rapper" is survived by his wife pia and their 8 children.

thank you for the memories, for letting us look into your "kaleidoscope world." the "three stars and the sun" are a little dimmer at this time because of your passing....but it's people like you that made it possible for them to shine brighter than ever.

your life, though cut short, was very well-lived, an inspiration to many. you will be dearly missed. you'll live eternally in our hearts through your music. you gave our country a soundtrack to be proud of.

may you rest in peace, mr. francis M...you're the man! [1964-2009.]

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

sigh...until now I still find it hard to believe. :( :( :( Francis M was such a talented and well-respected artist. God bless his soul.

Anonymous said...

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Oman said...

i grew up listening to his music. such an icon that will surely be missed. THANKS FRANCISM. Condolences to his family.

Anonymous said...

Every Filipino youth who sung "mga kababayan ko" will definitely feel the void left by the master rapper. Rest easy Francis M.

Anonymous said...

interesting that my cousin in new york was diagnosed with leukemia like francis in august. she died in october, though. francis lasted a few months longer.

Anonymous said...

excellent tribute to an excellent man

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