homeless, not worthless

here are two heart-wrenching tv spots of a homeless dog and cat sponsored by purina and PAWS (philippine animal welfare society) which i assume were aired in the philippines. to support sherwin who maintains "mefindhome.org," a website promoting pet adoption based in the philippines, i am reposting the tv spots he originally blogged about.

since i'm a cat-lover and have adopted stray kittens off the streets when i was in the philippines, the one with the cat--entitled "siyam" (filipino for "nine")--just tugs at my heartstrings. take a peek, each clip is less than a minute.

Adopt a rescue cat or dog | Volunteer for PAWS

the words at the end translate to "give him a home, so he lives a longer life."

Adopt a rescue cat or dog | Volunteer for PAWS

this one says, "a great guard dog, but he doesn't have a home [to guard]."

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Sidney said...

I wasn't aware there is an organization like PAWS in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

it's interesting that in athens, stray animals are allowed to loiter in the streets and tourist attractions like the acropolis and the parthenon. from what i had observed, they seem to be well-fed and taken care of. each carries a tag on their ear for identification purposes.

in our town in the philippines, you can hardly find stray dogs around. they always find a home in somebody's pot as pulutan.

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: they've been around for a while!

plaridel: perhaps you might be interested to know that there's already a law in the philippines banning the eating of dog meat, among others.

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