ornamental coke bottle

oh the weather outside is frightful, and the malls are so....full! haha.

so let me share with you this holiday edition coke bottle with santa's jolly face on it. you can cup the bottle in the palm of your hand like a christmas ornament, because it's shaped like one.


now remember, drink moderately this holiday season! that may just be soda but it's full of sugar! but seriously, how can one control his appetite during the holidays?

5 vandalized my wall:

Princess Ody said...

those are super cute!

gingmaganda said...

how does one control one's appetite during the holidays?

get mumps! i've already lost 10 pounds... :-(

i love these coke bottles huh.

Sreisaat said...

Kyut! I'd be tempted to put it on my Christmas tree :)

fortuitous faery said...

ody: yes they are, and gulp-sized, too! haha.

ging: i'm so sorry to hear that your malady is making you lose weight by force and with so much pain, and making you abstain from the holiday food!

zj: hehe, oo nga no! but i'm more tempted to throw them at people...haha. kunyari hand grenades in soda form, ba. :P

Marites said...

ay ang kyut! meron kaya niyan dito sa Pinas? gandang pang-dekorasyon at panapon doon sa mga nangangaroling na hindi maayos ang pagkanta hehehehe!

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