can you tell me how to get, how to get to "avenue Q"?

remember that sesame street song? i do--i grew up watching that show, along with its philippine counterpart, batibot.

sesame street was noticeably the inspiration for the tony award-winning broadway musical, "avenue q"--which i got to watch on the date scribbled on my doodle page.

by the way, these doodles are the first i've made on the notebook i bought at the muji store, also on the date specified. after gazing at the fine variety of notebooks and writing paper they have, i finally bought a couple and was inspired to illustrate a summary of my day in new york.

and that's my attempt at a self-portrait with clothes worn that day and umbrella used to battle the rain.

so anyway, "avenue q" is a fictional place in an outer borough of new york where humans and puppets co-exist. it's like sesame street for adults, because the story deals with themes like racism, sex, unemployment, internet porn, homosexuality, love, and finding one's purpose as summed up in the opening song, "what do you do with a b.a. in english?"

it's amazing to see the actors sing, act, change voices and manipulate the puppets at the same time. if only jim henson were still around to see this show.

3 vandalized my wall:

gingmaganda said...

you've got a knack for doodling. hee.

ms firefly said...

awww, i agree, cute doodlings!!!
and what better way to use a new notebook than to doodle on the first page!

fortuitous faery said...

yes, i do ging...since way, way back. hehe. thanks!

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