you give me phever

...PHELPS PHEVER, that is!

michael phelps just outswam mark spitz's 7-gold medal record set in 1972, fulfilling his ultimate dream of "8 for 8" in 2008, and in the process silencing australian gold medalist ian "thorpedo" thorpe who had openly declared his doubts on michael.

everytime michael is interviewed as to how he feels about winning each of his 8 gold medals, he'd say, "i'm at a loss for words..." and who wouldn't be? he kept his focus on achieving his goal and made history...winning one of the categories by a memorable one-one hundredths of a second!

and michael isn't the only inspiring story at the beijing olympics. take fellow american dara torres, aged 41, who just snagged the silver in the women's 50 meters freestyle final--if she were only one-one hundredths of a second faster, she would have won gold (germany's britta steffen did), but that's beside the point. dara also made history by being the only woman to have swum in the olympics at her age. after only 4 minutes of turn-over time from the medal ceremonies, she again joined her team for the women's 4x100 medley relay final--where they placed second.

when dara was interviewed, she declared, "you don't put an age limit on your dreams"--and she's living proof of that statement. she may have skipped a couple olympics as she tended to her motherly duties, but that didn't stop her from realizing her olympic dream.

phelps, torres, and a whole slew of other olympic athletes have proven to the whole world that dreams do come true when you work hard for it.

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ms firefly said...

oh, i like phelps too, watched him from cnn everyday. :)
he looks like a very nice guy, down to earth, and well-built. nuff said. hehe

fortuitous faery said...

i admire his determination more than his looks. :P

Jeanny said...

He so rocks!
I lurve him.

and I envy his diet. Wish I could eat like him hahaha

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