new york taxi

i've never been in a new york taxi. i always prefer taking the subway because a) it only costs $2.00 each way regardless of the distance (i can hop on a subway and go all the way to coney island with just that $2.00 fare--incidentally, i've never been to coney island, sadly); and b) it's faster because there's no traffic lights underground.

but maybe i should try it at least once sometime just to know what it's like, and to cross it off my non-existent list of things to do in new york city. right now it seems predominantly occupied by a list of broadway musicals to see.

there's a blog by a lady taxi driver in new york called new york hack. ("hack" is slang for cab driver, from the archaic word "hackney.") melissa plaut, the blogger, published a book based on her blog entitled "hack: how i stopped worrying about what to do with my life and started driving a yellow cab." i bought a copy of this book from ebay, but haven't finished reading it. she used to be an office worker in manhattan who decided one day to just become a new york cabbie. and now she's a published author as well.

[photo taken inside a new york souvenir shop along 42nd st.]

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