i dream of an all-expense paid trip to see the world!

i subscribe to conde nast traveler magazine, because when i can't get on the road or board a plane to see a place, i travel instead through their pages filled with beautiful pictures of tourist destinations and absorb tons of travel tips (for future travel reference). they currently have a contest allowing you to travel to your dream destination by sharing a treasured travel photo with a description as to why that picture is memorable.

i signed up and have uploaded two photos so far...both are taken from the philippines. there are various other photos from other contestants that are far more interesting and artistically shot that my chances of winning may very well be slim. hey, if i can't win the grand prize, i will be grateful for either a sony DSLR camera or a louis vuitton prize package as consolation booty! (it's free to dream of winning, right?)

i invite you to take a peek at my entry and please rate it and leave a comment. show me some love! the muses of travel will shower you with good karma. :)

here's the official intro to my page:

I entered this photo in the Condé Nast Traveler Dream Trip Contest—and it might win me a $25,000 Dream Trip to ANYWHERE in the world! Entrants submit a photo from a trip they've taken, and explain why it represents a great travel moment. The magazine's editors will have the final decision on who wins, but you can take a look at my photo, and this one, give it a high rating, and help it get noticed by others.


(if you're a legal U.S. or canadian resident, you can join this contest too! your luck just might be in one of your memory sticks!)

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