the first of maybe "27 dresses"

i'm a bad bridesmaid-to-be.

months ago, when my friend informed me that i will be one of her bridesmaids for her pre-valentine wedding (the one i'm flying home for today), i promised myself to shed some pounds to look flattering in the dress i'm wearing.

with the blessings of modern technology, i had sent my body measurements to my friend by email--with which i had also indicated which vera wang bridesmaid gown i fancied. oh, it's not an actual vera wang gown i'm wearing...it's just the design that the dressmaker is copying. if you go to the vera wang website, click on "maids", then choose "full length", then click on dress #21--that's the dress i chose for myself. check out the back view!

this is the first of probably "27 dresses" that i'll be wearing for friends' weddings.

the final motif of the wedding is royal blue and metallic silver. i bought a new pair of silver satin shoes with studs, then borrowed my sister's silver satin evening bag which perfectly matches the shoes. i'm assigned to let the guests sign on the guestbook during the reception. sounds easy enough...now i should just perfect that friendly smile! and maybe i should write a speech while on the plane just in case they ask me to give one at the reception....

sadly, i didn't achieve my target weight, and my flight is but a few hours from now (9am eastern standard time)--on superbowl sunday. yes, i'm still awake and doing last minute things on the internet--like paying bills--since internet access would be payable by the hour when i get to the philippines, and who knows when i can sit down and do that.

well, my remedy is a form-fitting (rather, tummy-constricting) corset/girdle contraption from walmart. that, and a pair or power undies. haha.

things/people/places i'll be looking forward to in the philippines:

-relatives, classmates and friends
-taho in the morning, fishballs with spicy sauce in the afternoon
-jollibee, goldilocks, chowking, greenwich pizza!
-isaw, "betamax", barbecue, kekiam and banana-q
-my alma mater, UST
-my home province, capiz...and its beaches (yes, i packed a bathing suit)!
-national bookstore!
-all those new shopping malls i've never been to!
-re-learning how to drive the stick shift...since i've been driving automatic here in jersey
-taking tons of pictures! (the best souvenir in any trip!) i invested on a 4GB memory stick especially for this vacation.

well, we'll see if i get to post from the philippines. may you all enjoy superbowl sunday and have a lovely valentine's day--however you decide to celebrate it.

au revoir!

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