shopping in the snow

my sister and i were among the crazy few who drove through the slippery, slushy snow to shop at the nearly deserted mall tonight. it's during inclement weather like this that you won't have to weave your way through the holiday crowd (because they're all home trying to stay warm), and you also needn't worry about finding a good parking spot because there's plenty--the only thing that'll be a challenge is getting a spot that's not piled with chunks of ice.

well, we made sure the roads were at least plowed and salted before we decided to dash through the snow.

this was the snowy scene outside macy's tonight:

it had snowed, then hailed this morning...forcing our office to close at around noontime so everyone can drive home while the snow was still bearable for our cars to wade through.

inside the mall, a lot of stores were closed. only a handful chose to stay open for business. i do feel sorry for the mall employees who have to work at this kind of weather. their hourly rate is usually not enough to compensate for the trouble driving in the snow and back.

meanwhile, this crazy shopper (me) was armed with discount coupons to buy "ratatouille" and "shrek the 3rd" dvds at only $14.99 each, and neil gaiman's "anansi boys" book at an extra 30% off. since i'm done shopping for everyone on my list, i'm now shopping for myself!

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