here comes the bridesmaid...

...all dressed in teal!

my high school friend in the philippines enlisted me to be one of her bridesmaids when she gets married in february next year. teal is her chosen shade for the motif. i had qualms about saying yes this early because of other things i'm trying to accomplish. however, since she needs a definite answer so she can get her ball moving for her wedding plans, (poor woman, she's doing all the planning and coordinating), i had said yes. after all, i had vaguely promised to her years ago i'd be there on her wedding day no matter what. i just didn't expect her to be getting married this soon.

"are you sure it's going to be in february? not much later?"
"yes, it's definite. february 9!"

and now she emailed me pictures of bridesmaid gowns to choose from. my decision is guided not so much by which one looks gorgeous, but by which one would perfectly camouflage my flabs. a gown which would not elicit comments of "you look FLABulous!"

here are my final four:

i'm leaning more towards the first gown because of its simplicity and "safe" design. my sister loves the last dress, the one i nicknamed "maki roll dress" because of the white band. however, i am doubting that it would look flattering on my figure. i should probably wear a wasabi shawl to complete the sushi look.

i'm to blame for this bridesmaid gown quandary. i reneged on my new year's resolutions which were aimed to help me lose weight, namely, to exercise and cut down on the soda. now that the winter holidays are looming ahead, it's going to take every bit of effort to really lose weight. i mean, being invited as a bridesmaid for the first time is a big deal...i have to look like a bridesmaid...not a boxer in drag. haha.

but then, i'll be emailing my body measurements at this time for the gown construction, which means i'll be revealing my current state of obesity. oh the horror. and what if by some miracle, i do succeed in shedding off some pounds...will the dress appear oddly loose?

hmmm. it's not like i'm going to dramatically shrink down to a size 4 by february. it's going to be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha! It took me like a year and a half before I got to read this post of yours! My gahd! Had I known you were this conscious, matagal ko nang pinakulam yung nagtahi ng dress mo. Until now, I still feel sorry on how your dress went. I was also unsatisfied with my own gown. My choice of couturier was really my biggest regret during my wedding. Anyway, at the end I am still the happiest bride alive for having you in the flesh on that blessed day. Labyu conell, mwah!

fortuitous faery said...

hahaha, how did you even find this old post? don't worry about it...tapos na yung wedding. hindi naman titigil ang kasal kung hindi man bumagay sa akin yung gown...i made it work somehow. although di ko talaga inexpect na i-repair pa yun the night before the wedding! haha. memorable.

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