my first pumpkin carving!

okay, i know i haven't blogged in a while.

ever since my birthday on sept. 28th, i've been to two different destinations: toronto and philadelphia. i have a lot to write about and pictures to share, but right now let me just keep things simple and up-to-date with something apropos for the harvest season....pumpkins!

this year i was inspired to carve my first halloween pumpkin, which is why i dragged my family to a pumpkin-picking farm. i was determined to use the pumpkin carving tools i got from clearance last year.

i'm carving a cat's face on the pumpkin. i performed a craniotomy first to create a lid and scooped out all the insides. i'm almost done with my work...i was taking step-by-step pictures of how i was doing it.

pumpkin kitty

maybe i'll carve another pumpkin after this one. hehe.

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