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from holiday mathis' horoscope page:

ASTROLOGICAL QUESTIONS: "Where are the best places to meet singles for my sign?”

Here is a sign-by-sign rundown of the hottest single's spots:

ARIES meets love while watching or participating in a competition.

TAURUS finds loyal love at a concert, record store or restaurant.

GEMINI makes a love connection at a coffee bar or trendy club.

CANCER is set up on spectacular dates through friends or family.

LEO finds exciting attractions while pursuing creative interests.

VIRGO finds new love while attending a school or special training institute.

LIBRA meets a sweetie while shopping or investigating art interests.

SCORPIO literally runs into hot prospects while out doing errands or cruising.

SAGITTARIUS is the most likely to find love in a different state or country.

CAPRICORN finds love with a client or competitor in business.

AQUARIUS hooks up with a smart sweetie at a party.

PISCES discovers love for the first time with someone they've known all along.

hmmm. i'm a libra. i guess shopping online doesn't count? hehehe.

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