por favor, show me the ecua-door....

i'm being hit on by the produce guy at our local shoprite.

and wait, let me clarify things here--he's not just some produce guy...he's the produce section supervisor. or something to that effect.

i am not imagining things. i hardly get this sort of attention from the male species. when i do, which is rare, something's weird about the guy. usually.

he popped out of nowhere while my grandparents and i were debating over the bananas to ask me if we were filipinos. at that point, i still considered it random stranger chitchat. but then my grandparents somehow insinuated that i was SINGLE, and then in a span of five minutes, he informs me about his name (pedro), his ethnic origin (ecuador), his summer hobby (painting) and his work schedule ("i work here until 3:30 PM"). and it wasn't just a handshake my hand dealt with, but his other hand on top of mine in the still-interlocked handshake. i was polite throughout the whole encounter, though, and made a mental note not to shop there again before 3:30 PM.

two months later, or specifically about two days ago, i accompanied my grandparents to some grocery-shopping at the same store. i was fully aware that since it was before 3:30 PM at the time, there was a great possibility i'd bump into el ecuadorian vegetable man. and just as i had feared, he sprouted out of nowhere like a garden of shiitake mushrooms to greet me and my grandparents. he also pointed out that the last time he "saw" me was about two months ago. what sharp memory. i secretly commend myself for avoiding him for that long, though. a friend commented that he's got stalker potential.

but i guess some vegetable necessities would inevitably call for daytime trips to shoprite. as long as he keeps his bananas in his pajamas...hehe.

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