iron chef

my current guilty tv pleasure is "iron chef" on the food network. it's a japanese "battle of the chefs" show dubbed in english, with the exception of the flamboyant, princely host--whose dialogue is never dubbed but only supplied with english subs. the funniest part for me would be when he grabs a big yellow bell pepper and then takes a bite of it as if it were an apple.

host takeshi kaga

i wonder if this show was inspired by stephen chow's crazy cooking movie "god of cookery". that was absolutely hilarious.

god of cookery

the champion chefs crowned as "iron chefs" actually wear royal chef costumes and have their portraits hanging at the center of "kitchen stadium" like culinary deities. each episode, a challenger chef from japan or even as far as europe dares to take on their iron chef of choice (there are three reigning iron chefs). the host unveils the ingredient of the day and the two chefs have a time limit of an hour to cook their hearts out using the theme ingredient the best way they can and in the most creative style they can offer.

the judges aren't cooking experts, probably to prevent siding with either chef. but there's always a japanese actress in the judging panel. what's so amusingly entertaining about this show is the way the commentators relay to the viewers the culinary action as it happens--almost like you're watching a basketball game ("and the oxtail battle is over!!!"). i admire the way the show was dubbed in english, they managed to throw in some witty flavor and humor.

this show is now being copied by the U.S., its american version will start airing in january. celebrity chefs like mario batali will participate in this wok war.

gotta hand it to the japanese for cooking up such an interesting show.

my geekiness showing up again! hehe. in other less flavorful news, i called out sick from work because i woke up with a very stuffy nose and painful throat. i'm thankful i don't have fever, though. but i can't really talk to customers with a nasal voice and sneezy nose and then spread germs.

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