melts in your mouth, hand and everywhere else

back in my native land! and it's scorching hot that chocolates melt in room temperature! hehe.

seemed my jetlag didn't go beyond a day. it's the third day since my arrival and my body clock seems normal. hmnn, come to think of it, i wake up too early now and sleep just as early.

i really shouldn't be online now. it's just that i paid for an hour's worth of internet at this cafe and they're giving away an extra hour free. so basically, i'm already done with my email and so i decided to just blog while i still have an hour left.

there was a reunion of sorts between me and my close friends recently. one of them came back from japan with a steamy update on her sri-lankan-flavored love life. my newly-admitted lawyer friends treated the rest of us to a buffet dinner at wow philippines in intramuros, and it felt great to hang out with them again.

i visited quiapo yesterday, and the church was filled with people hearing mass. i bought a bunch of tomatoes, garlic and onion for ten pesos each because i was going to make spaghetti later that day. dropped by my favorite pirated dvd store and bought "kill bill vol. 1" and "love actually" for P70 each. that's only barely over a dollar if converted according to the P55/$1 rate.

50 minutes more in this internet cafe....i had better pump up my reading chores when i get home. speaking of home, i live in a different zip code now. provincial and close to small mountains with more browns than greens in them. i wish it starts to rain a lot more. my totes umbrella will keep me company.

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