training day 2

and so my dear friends, i am back to being my unemployed self. but on my last day at work yesterday, i was surprised to be assigned as a "trainor" to this new girl who replaced my slot at handbags. her name's jesenia. she's only 20 and so she's the babiest of them all. i had to go over this checklist of important stuff about being a sales associate, such as the different tasks involved in different transactions, the codes and all that. she's not really new because she said she's already worked there before but that was only for a short period of time. i guess they made me her trainor because i'm the one with the most patience in dealing with any sort of person. one thing i noticed about her is that she's not paying full attention when i explain stuff to her. i thought i was soft-spoken, but she was even more soft-spoken than i am! i guess i kinda see myself in her when i first started to work there. feels a little weird to teach someone else about selling, i mean, i never got to go through this one-on-one/on-the-floor training myself. they didn't do this to me! that's one of the many flaws i see in that store.

everyone else here at home is sick, my parents came down with something the moment we got back from chicago. my sister isn't feeling too good either. i'm the only one who's not having the chills, but i do have this cold and sneeze every now and then. i hope i don't get too sick on my flight--i don't want to be segregated in the airport as a SARS-infected suspect.

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