lucy in the sky with diamonds

i had watched "i am sam" on dvd with my parents last friday night. personally, i think this movie should have won sean penn his first oscar. you just gotta love his performance in this one.

facts: a mentally-challenged person fathers a smart little girl by the name of lucy, whom he raises by himself when his wife abandons them outside the hospital. making ends meet with a humble salary of $8/hour at starbucks, sam's life changes when social workers gain custody over lucy on her birthday.

issue: whether or not a father with the mental capacity of a 7-year old should have custody over his child.

this movie tickles your nostalgic emotions with beatles music, because sam here is a huge beatles fan. my favorite song in the movie was "strawberry fields" in that scene where sam and lucy ride a bus beyond sam's visiting hours. this ranks right up there with those father's day movies.

"the usual suspects", on the other hand, is a movie about deception, treachery and betrayal. today i borrowed "sea biscuit" and "spongebob squarepants tales from the deep". hehe.

gotta start tidying up my room, because on saturday, my cousin from chicago and her parents are coming over for a week-long vacation here in NJ. it was her birthday last saturday, and i just got her this tommy hilfiger bag which i hope she'll like. tomorrow is my cousin's 11th birthday, and i got him this "guide to middle-earth" page-a-day calendar (because he's a tolkien fan) and a gift card at waldenbooks/brentano's. yes, i'm being mighty generous despite my financial limitations. hehe.

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