collecting carbs

whatever few pounds i lost while walking in the lake today were immediately gained back when i wolfed down two plates of spaghetti tonight. the sauce doesn't taste the way i expected it to be, because we ran out of two integral ingredients which i always use. one of them is parmesan cheese.

really nice weather today...a lot of people went out to the lake for a walk. you don't even have to wear a thick jacket because it's not that cold anymore. i only wore a sweater on top of my t-shirt and had my sister's tiny mp3 player dangling around my neck. people were walking their dogs, or their kids, some kids were riding their bikes, a guy was rollerblading, a guy in short shorts was running, and i was walking in the opposite direction so that i could see them all coming towards me. after three rounds of walking around the lake, i stopped by the playground area and hurled myself on the swing. as i swung back and forth, a flock of birds was flying right above me. and then it was almost sunset, and i walked one last round before i finally went home.

....to cook spaghetti and catch american idol uncut, uncensored, untalented. hehe. i didn't know william hung has appeared in so many different shows already, and that SNL's jimmy fallon spoofed his performance, and most of all, that he's being offered to do an album!

woohoo, LOTR had a "clean sweep" at the oscars! too bad gollum wasn't nominated for anything....interesting how sophia coppola mentioned wong kar-wai's writings as part of her inspiration.

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