whiny woman

what a day. would have been just another ordinary day at work if it weren't for that one customer who accused me of losing her store catalogue. she came to me asking me if i knew where the blouses in the catalogue were in the store, and i pointed her to the blouses section. later on, she comes back to me asking me where her catalogue was, and i told her it wasn't with me because in fact, i never took it from her. she gets all angry and i tried to look for her catalogue in my cash register and the other register nearby but it wasn't there. just to end her whining, i offered her my own discount coupons which i had printed off the net, because her catalogue definitely had the same coupons in it. but she still was angry at me, telling me she came all the way from "jersey city" and this is what she gets.

well, i couldn't tell it to her face that maaaaybeee she was being forgetful (read:senile) about her catalogue and all she could think of was putting the blame on me. store policy requires that you should be "extremely friendly" with customers under all circumstances. and so i just can't get her all worked up than she already is by telling her it's probably her fault. i had told my manager about the incident. later on, my manager finds the damned catalogue lying in one of the display shelves. so, that's where the lady left it after all. i shoved it in the mailbox tonight, hoping the mail people would send it back to her, because the coupons are good till the end of the month. i'm a nice person, really. but i guess there's no avoiding a few irritating customers like her.

the only highlight for me at work? maybe it's when i ran into steve, the loss prevention guy. he was just coming in to his secret lair, and i was looking distracted with the hangers i was holding. actually, he greeted me first, "how are you?" and all i could mumble was a slightly dazed "hey!"...so much for conversation. he remembered me!

went home with my sister driving me, and her guy friend, which she vehemently denies as her boyfriend. tonight was the first time my parents and i actually met this guy, but they've gone out in the past. really tall guy, big body, colombian, and hence, spanish-speaking. they went out on a "date" after the guy met my parents. they asked, out of obligation rather than sincere invitation it seems, if i would like to join them. of course i declined. i didn't want to be a "hindrance" in their night out. and besides, i'm tired.

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