(Whachu doin?) Nothing chillin at the Holidae Inn...

just got home about 30 minutes ago from the filipino christmas/new year party at the holiday inn at parsippany. it was just me and my mom because both my dad and sister had work tonight.

my mom's puerto rican friend went to the party because she was curious about it, and was pleased to dance to a lot of the spanish dance songs (like cha-cha and samba), and a ricky martin song too. they hired an american DJ to lead everyone on the dance floor. i was wearing this long black dress. i also danced some, just so i can get some exercise for the night. haha. the food was great though.

big mistake i did was when i tried to eat a laffy taffy gum. it got stuck on my retainers that i feared i'd swallow it, so i headed for the ladies room and took it out immediately. should have remembered that gum and retainers don't mix. hehe.

the party ended at 11:30. it was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g outside that we had to walk really fast to where we parked. had fun walking around in my black dress. hehe.

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