shop till you drop

ohmygod my legs hurt. my mom, sis and i were out shopping for about 9 hours, fuelled only by light brunch and some lindt truffles in the afternoon. lindt truffles are addicting! we bought hazelnut and amaretto truffles for the sugar boost. hazelnut truffles are just heavenly! my mom kept eating despite her diabetic constraints, and admitted to feeling a bit dizzy afterwards. you just can't resist a lindt chocolate. i swear! hehe.

we had late lunch at the mall in the food court and chose master wok's chinese food. their food looks deceivingly delicious but it's really rather bland. soy sauce to the rescue!

our shopping spree took us to two malls which are about 20 minutes apart from each other. we even got stuck in rush hour traffic at around 6pm on our way to our next shopping stop at parsippany. i got a new wallet now which was bought at a bargain price, and a bag.

i heard another version of "santa baby" while at the mall...but it was by a guy! haha.

seeing all those kids with their parents lining up at the mall to have their picture taken with santa, i feel like wanting to go in line too. i never had a picture with santa as a kid. well, doesn't one song mention "kids from 1 to 92"? well i'm definitely still in that age bracket. haha. i'm not sure if santa will let me sit on his lap, though. i wouldn't want to break his knees or anything! hehe.

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