bonkers over wonka

“what chance does he have that he’ll get the ticket?”
“because he wants it more than anybody else does…”

aaaw, “willy wonka and the chocolate factory” made me cry. my heart went out for little charlie, this poor boy who lives with her widowed mom and four bed-ridden grandparents. he‘s a part-time newspaper delivery boy, part-time student who wants nothing more than to get one of the 5 golden tickets in a willy wonka bar to visit the famous chocolate factory. he was able to afford only two chocolate bars out of his earnings, and neither bars had the ticket. by a lucky twist of fate, he finds some money on the street and buys the bar with the fifth and last golden ticket. the rest of the story whisked him to a “world of pure imagination” (and singing orange-faced midgets called “oompa-loompas”).

tearjerker part for me: when charlie showed his golden ticket to his family and asked his grandfather to join him to the factory (because the winner gets to invite one person). his grandfather who was bedridden for twenty years (!) finally gets up from bed and learns to walk again.

the movie is about believing in your dreams, chocolate fetish, a legacy consisting of a magical chocolate factory (and singing orange-faced oompa-loompas); and reading the fine print when signing contracts.

i want my golden ticket…

and speaking of confectioneries, today at church they gave away blessed christmas wafers for each family. the idea is to have this wafer a part of your christmas dinner to be shared by the whole family. it’s white, thin and crisp, like the host used in the holy communion, but it’s rectangular and it has ornate christmas designs embossed on it.

yeah it snowed today since morning, and when we dropped off my sister at the mall for her work, there were quite a number of cars parked. these are the people we’d like to call “matitigas ang mukha” when it comes to shopping. i used the filipino term because the english translation just doesn’t convey the thought well (i.e., “tough faces”…”hardened faces”?? haha).

on our way to church we passed by this guy at the side of the lake who was walking with his ski gear on! he smiled at me. :) well, guess he’ll have to make the best out of it since he can’t go skiing in the mountains yet. hehe.

ohmygod they found saddam. and so the saying is true: “matagal mamatay ang masamang damo” (the bad grass dies late). well, this one was finally weeded out of his hiding hole. i hope he’s the REAL slim, err--fat shady saddam (all you other fat shadys are just imitating, so won’t the real fat shady…uh, okay i’ll stop singing).

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