blizzard bliss

big blizzard today, burying everything in about 10 inches of snow! of course, that means some serious shovelling duty for me on our driveway, which i did today. perhaps the first ever rigorous exercise i did since i came here! hahaha. i also had to sprinkle special snow salt on the spots i've shovelled to prevent snow from piling up too quickly...melting them on contact.

so that means the party tonight had to be cancelled---woohoo! ehehe. maybe i had something to do with this snow after all? hehe. they say it's probably the snowiest day of december in record history--and it's not even officially winter yet!

my sis and i went to the lake today and waded through knee-deep snow. the frozen lake was of yellow green color.

the icy lake

just to give you an idea of how thick the snow was. that's a 6-inch ruler, and the snow is higher than that.

me by the rockaway welcome sign.

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