am putting my cousins' old story books in boxes so we can donate them to church, as they're having a book drive for needy kids. i wonder if these books would ever find their way in the various book sale shops in the philippines, where second-hand books are sold. i was a frequent visitor at such shops.

here's a poem from "the golden book of 365 stories: a story for every day of the year." this page was where my hand landed when i flipped it open. felt that it was really for me...

BROKEN MOON (may 23)

last night i saw the strangest sight:
the moon, all big and round and white,
was floating in the wet, black lake;
then suddenly, i saw him break
into a thousand shining scraps,
when somebody--
a frog, perhaps--
jumped in the water for a swim.
poor moon, that seemed the end of him!
but soon the lake was still, and then
the moon was back, all round again,
and big and bright and shiny, too--
put back together, good as new!

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