your body is a (winter) wonderland

i have a crush on this guy who works at the gap store at our local mall. pointed him to my sis and she agrees that he's someone who's "may itsura." haha. she says his hair looks like john mayer's. he has black hair. she says he's a quiet kind of guy whenever he rings up the cash register. was trying to catch a glimpse of him as we passed by the gap store today, but his back was to the door and the counter (where he was) was at the middle of the store, so i didn't really get to see him in his full frontal glory. haha. was too absorbed that i bumped into my mom's back who stopped in front of me to look at the store display outside, haha.

first time i ordered at starbucks in the mall by myself and i had to be served by a rather rude cashier girl. she wanted me to "slow down" pronouncing my order, which i'm sure i said in a normal speaking speed. when i ordered a carrot walnut muffin, she didn't even know where it was in their pastry shelf. another co-worker had to point it to her. anyway, i tried one of their holiday flavors, the peppermint mocha frappuccino. tastes like peppermint candy cane.

we bought a holiday santa bear at k-mart today. we started this tradition of collecting holiday bears with the year sewn on one of its paws. this is our second bear.

my thumb has a blister in the middle the size of a pushpin head. i was hanging pine garland around our front door and securing it with pushpins. it's hard to push the pins in just the right spot to keep the garland from popping off the door frame, so i had been pushing the pushpins like crazy with my thumb. tomorrow i'll continue setting up the matrix of christmas lights on our front lawn.

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