okay, i just had to write about this. it was my friend's birthday, and she treated me and another friend after class to a movie. we watched x-men 2.

it was better than the first x-men movie! i totally enjoyed it. nightcrawler was a spectacle. a religious one at that. being a true x-men fan at heart, i noticed several details that other people wouldn't have seen. i'm not comfortable with the rogue-iceman love angle though, because in the comics, it's really rogue and gambit! that ragin' cajun from new orleans. one accurate detail is rogue starting to wear gloves. they better bring in gambit on x-men 3! i did notice in that scene where mystique hacks the computer files, right above erik lensherr's (magneto) name was remy lebeau, gambit's real name.

recognized some of the other lesser known mutants, like collossus (whose muscled body turns into a hard mass of steel) and shadowcat (who can walk through walls like a ghost). and siryn (daughter of banshee, her voice can emit a sonic scream with lethal potential). the cute thing about them is that here they're portrayed as teenagers, like rogue and pyro and iceman.

okay, i'm as giddy as a schoolgirl, a highschool girl, that is. because that's when i was really an x-men fan, watching the cartoons and reading the comics. i even had a crush on gambit, and was rivals with another friend over that card-wielding mutant. it's a shame i lost that box of comic books to the flood.

and in other news, i have a new puppy! it's brown and it's a she. still needs some milk though.

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