went to a wake of a sorority sister's mom tonight. she died last night of a stroke. she was 68.

i had mistaken the funeral parlor to be somewhere near araneta coliseum, when it was really in araneta avenue.

while at cubao, though, i dropped by a book sale branch at rustan's and browsed through my favorite section--the children's books section. there i found a beautiful illustrated picture book of robert frost's "stopping by woods on a snowy evening." the drawings are in pencil, with some details selectively colored, more specifically the speaker in the poem, who in these drawings look like st. nick. i remember doing a homework back in college for lit class with this poem. i wrote the poem and drew a man on a horse with snowy pine trees.

i also bought this interesting book called "great mistakes of civilisation" by simon drew. it's an illustrated book about puns. there's this drawing of helen of troy and the words "there's no such thing as a free launch." my english teacher back in highschool can do better than that. she once told us this joke, either you looked like helen of troy or you had the "face that lunched a thousand chips."

and then i also bought this small storybook of alice in wonderland. because my elementary school was named exactly that. no, really. hehe. my friend asked if my elementary school had a sister school named "pied piper of hamelin" or such.

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