Just got home a few minutes ago from a belated birthday dinner treat by my friend Czar who turned 25 last week. We went to the Sea Food Wharf Restaurant near Roxas Blvd., right next to the Museo Pambata. It’s an open air seafood place where you get to sit beside the Manila Bay, with the salty sea breeze blowing against your face. I think it was lovely, I’ve been wanting to be near the sea. Made me wish I was in my provincial hometown by the sea again. It felt like being on the open deck of a ship.

We ordered squid rolls, crab relleno, lumpiang shanghai and chicken meatballs. They even had live singers and players who go to each table and they play whatever song you request of them. Reeze requested for Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed”. At the next table was a group of Chinese friends. All of the guys had bleached hair, and one of them looked a lot like my ex. We shared their wonderment as to why the musicians skipped their table. Perhaps to avoid a possible Chinese song request?

After that we decided to head to Wow Philippines at Intramuros. My first time to go there, actually. It’s a new tourism idea they developed there. There’s no entrance fee, and people can choose where they want to indulge their eat-all-you-can buffet urge for a reasonable price. Tables are set out on the streets inside the walled city. There are also various tiangges and booths were you can have a caricature of yourself made while you wait or a henna tattoo stuck on you. Calesas are conveniently parked along the sidestreets should you wish to get a ride. We even saw JC Castro (that bold star?) emerge from the restrooms and he obliged to have a group picture taken with some of the fans who recognized him.

There was also an area where the people can watch someone sing live while they eat. And then there were more buffet tables. The guards inside Intramuros were dressed in ye olde Spanish Guardia Civil uniforms. Czar led us to the farthest point of the walls, and there we climbed up to get a nice view of the golf courses below, where a pool of water accommodated a few ducks. We had a crazy time posing for my handy dandy camera. Then we sat for a short while and talked about college days. Then we realized it was 10:30 and it was time to go home. On the way to the entrance gate, a sign read, "Watch out for flying golf balls."

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gingmaganda said...

nagpunta din kami sa wow philippines! baka nagkasalubong tayo dun di lang natin alam haha

fortuitous faery said...

nakakagulat naman tong comment mo...posted 5 years after the blog entry! haha. ako naman, two years after yours! :P

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