had a sudden dizzy spell this morning inside the fx on my way to UST. was supposed to meet my friends so we can go to laguna and attend a friend's granny's wake. at first i thought i was just texting a little too much while the fx was in motion...then i just had to close my eyes and then...i almost puked a couple of times! luckily i didn't spew out anything, but this lady in front of me was oblivious and couldn't care less! not even a "hey miss are you okay?" noooo. when i gained some composure i got off at burger king welcome rotonda and figured i should eat something, so i did. i still felt woozy despite the juice and ham and egg sandwich so i decided to just head back home and skip the trip. when i got home i went straight to bed and slept till the afternoon...and yes, my head still feels weird.

i think i may have to wear glasses.

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