and what better way to start the valentine month than with an entry about love.

can love really defy rational thought?

one of my friends has been recently crushing on this salesguy at a boutique in a mall in manila. since day 1 she's been frequenting that particular store to catch a glimpse of him, never really buying anything from that store. i didn't realize she felt so greatly for this total stranger until a domestic squabble at their house occurred due to this guy. the funny thing is, she hasn't really made any effort to even talk to the guy, not even a simple "do you have a size 6 for this thing" or something to that effect. which gets me thinking, why is it so hard to strike a conversation with people we like? and she cried for this guy when she allegedly saw him kiss a co-worker at that shop one fateful day. heavens. is he really worth her dropping her eye contacts because of all those tears? she claims it was just a "beso", nothing torrid. what if it was just a friendly "beso"?

now i hear she's "sleeping over" with another friend to show her defiance to her sister and mom at home. heavens, i think she's acting too unreasonably for a total stranger. i mean, what if he's GAY...like a lot of supposedly eligible men out there are?

or maybe this is just an acute case of infatuation.

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