almost every bank requires people to turn their celfones off before entering. at first i thought it had something to do with security, that is, to prevent potential robbers from consummating their plan with the aid of celfones. but the other day i heard a teller explain to a client that it was really to prevent the celfone signals from interfering with their systems or something. to which the client replied, "oh, parang sa eroplano?"

huh? but airplanes have navigation systems to protect, what about banks?


i was told that the MMDA lifted the color-coding scheme effective february 1st, and that it will last for a month. however, the scheme is still implemented in makati, perhaps because makati is too busy a district to allow a sudden inflow of vehicles. where's equal application of the laws there? my friend asked, should people then avoid makati and have to suffer a longer driving route by doing so?


shopped for some school supplies today. among them were a dry correction tape thingy, a set of pushpins...and a powerpuff girls autograph book. it was a juvenile decision, but i wanted my friends to sign it. i already got ton and cess to sign it. i wonder how many i can get to sign in there. i'm sure i'll enjoy reading their answers. hehe.

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